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Other diabetes websites

Other useful sites about diabetes in general

Diabetes UK
Official website of the leading organization in Britain representing people with diabetes.
Diabetes Insight
Information about all diabetes products available in the UK. Also an online diabetes magazine.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
The UK affiliate of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. As well as raising money to find a cure for diabetes and its complications, the affiliate provides information on diabetes, new developments in treatment and research, and organises Open Meetings on diabetes research.
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust
An international group which has successfully campaigned for the continued supply of pork insulin to the UK market.
Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
The Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation (also known as DRWF) is essentially an organisation of diabetes patients, their parents and their friends joining together in a 'Diabetes Wellness Network' to help all those afflicted by diabetes. The charity's motto "Staying well until a cure is found" states the fundamental aim behind the Foundation's education programmes.
American Diabetes Association
The main diabetes organisation in the USA.
Children with Diabetes
A wide-ranging, well maintained and up-to-date look at all matters relating to insulin dependent diabetes. Despite its name, this is an excellent resource for everyone.
Food and Nutrition Information Center
This is the best online archive we have found giving the nutrional content of foods. This is run by the US Department of Agriculture. There is an excellent search facility where you can enter how much food you want, backed up by an enormous database of ingredients. In addition to the basic nutritional values, it also gives detailed information on the vitamin and mineral content.
Rick Medosa, an acclaimed internet writer and journalist, maintains a superb resource on diabetes. Hundreds of well cataloged links to other diabetes related sites.
Frequently-Asked-Questions about diabetes from misc.health.diabetes newsgroup
This series of documents represents an excellent resource on all areas of diabetes. The facts have been expertly drawn from discussions on the misc.health.diabetes newsgroup. Edited by Edward Reid.
Frequently-Asked-Questions about diabetes from Lehigh University Diabetic discussion group
Lehigh runs a very popular discussion group. This is a summary of discussions on various diabetes topics.
Take Charge of Your Diabetes from the Center for Disease Control
An authoritative US government-sponsored document on diabetes.
Diabetic Mommy Online Magazine
Detailed information about conception, pregnancy and child-birth with Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes.

We have a separate page listing good insulin pump websites.

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