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Donating to Insulin Pumpers

How to support Insulin Pumpers

With your generous contributions, Insulin Pumpers UK, Insulin Pumpers and the Insulin Pumpers Foundation have assisted more than 22,000 individuals and families with the everyday problems of living with diabetes.

Your donations support the Insulin Pumpers forums and websites and provide a place where people with diabetes and their families can turn to for answers to questions that can be answered best only by other people with diabetes.

It is our policy not to charge people for using Insulin Pumpers. All services are provided free. But it does cost money, and Insulin Pumpers depends on the generosity of donors and sponsors to fund these services for you. Each donation is vital, whether it is given by a sponsor, in a bequest, or pound-by-pound. Giving a little money will also remove the nagging header at the top of every email!

Insulin Pumpers is recognised as a charitable organisation in the UK, and is a tax-exempt publicly supported organization as described under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum contribution deduction allowed under United States revenue codes.

Your donation may be made anonymously or on behalf of another individual or loved one. Unless permission is given to acknowledge your contribution, you will not be listed as a donor on our Thank you page.

Donate here using a credit card or PayPal

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$36 per month $100.00
$30 per month $75.00
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Your contribution will encourage others to give and match your donation.

Please note: your credit card will be charged in US dollars, and converted to your local currency at the current exchange rate.

How to donate by post

If you would prefer to contribute by cheque (drawn in US dollars), or to send your credit card details (number, expiry date, and the amount, in dollars, that you want to donate), please post your contribution to:

Insulin Pumpers
558 Valley Way
Milpitas, CA 95035

It pays to shop around for the cheapest conversion rates/sales of US dollar cheques: in the past both American Express and the Co-operative Bank have been found to be the cheapest, at a cost of around £8 per cheque (but if you are sending so much that an extra £8 for the cheque seems reasonable, why not give via the Charities Aid Foundation? Costs nothing, AND gets you your tax back to give to Insulin Pumpers, or any other charity you like).

Author: Pat Reynolds <pat@caerlas.demon.co.uk>. Pat Reynolds is not a medical professional. She has Type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. The information given here is based on her own personal experience. More about Pat Reynolds...

Created: September 2004; Last updated: Tuesday 15 February 2013

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Insulin Pumpers and Insulin Pumpers UK are supported financially by voluntary contributions from members of its discussion groups and from all the principal insulin pump manufacturers.

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