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Privacy statement

Describing Insulin Pumpers policy towards the privacy of personal information which you submit

Free access

Access to the Insulin Pumpers UK Website is free. At no time are you required to give any money. If you wish to make a contribution towards the upkeep of Insulin Pumpers, which has recently been established as a charity in the US, you may do so, but you are under no obligation whatsoever. From time to time, requests for donations may be made on the discussion groups run by Insulin Pumpers, but any contributions are entirely voluntary.


Access to most parts of the Insulin Pumpers UK website is anonymous, and you will not be required to disclose any information about yourself. Certain pages require membership of the email discussion group for access to be granted. You will be asked to give your login name, and you will be issued with a password. This information is treated with the utmost care and security. Please read the section on the email discussion group for more details.

Email discussion group

Insulin Pumpers UK operates a free email discussion group. Membership of this group is closed, which means that only members may post messages to the group. All messages sent to the group may be read by any member of the group. The Insulin Pumpers' forums are PUBLIC forums. Posts to these forums are available to the public and are indexed by major search engines. Do not post information to the Insulin Pumpers forums that you wish to keep private.


Insulin Pumpers' forums are NOT PRIVATE Information you post in these forums may be seen on the public internet.

Membership of the group requires you to give your name, email address, and a short paragraph about yourself. This information will be available to other members of the group, via the "Members Only" pages. It will not be sold or made accessible to any other person or organisation without your explicit permission. You will not be required at any time to give other personal details such as your address or telephone number.

Messages sent to the group may be monitored by the administration team, and individuals may be removed from the group at any time if they fail to respect the group guidelines. These are detailed in the Rules for the Insulin Pumpers UK group. Members may remove themselves from the group at any time by sending a message to the administrators at help@insulin-pumpers.org. Any members who have been removed from the group will also have their personal information removed, although their previous messages to the discussion group will remain accessible to members. You may also update your personal information held on record at any time. Please contact the administration team at help@insulin-pumpers.org for further details.

Further information about the discussion group can be found at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/discussion.


If you have any comments or questions about the Insulin Pumpers website or its email discussion group, please contact us at editor@insulin-pumpers.org.uk.

Site update notification

When email addresses are collected to notify people when the website is updated, Insulin Pumpers undertakes not to reveal the addresses to anyone else, and to use the addresses soley for notifying people of changes and to do so in an appropriate manner.

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Created: March 2001; Last updated: Tuesday 12 February 2013

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