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Rules for the Insulin Pumpers UK group

What you can and can't do in the Insulin Pumpers UK group

Make a note of these

Take care!

What you read in the group is not like what your doctor says. If you want to change how you run your diabetes, talk to your doctor first.

How to start

What is this group?
This group lets you get emails from other people like you. People who want to know more about pumps.
How do I send an email to the group?
How can I find out who else is in the group?
Go to the website at www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/discussion and click on "The other members of the Insulin Pumpers UK group". Here you can read what each person said when they joined.
How do I leave the group?
Write to help@insulin-pumpers.org and ask to leave.
Can I leave the group for a short time while I go away, and join again when I get back?
Yes. Write to help@insulin-pumpers.org
I get too much email from this group. What can I do?
Where can I read old emails?
We keep all the emails at the website. Go to www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/discussion
Will I get spam?
We hope not. We will not give away your email address.

What can I say?

Some other things

Thanks for reading this email. We hope you like the Insulin Pumpers UK group.

Created: January 1998; Last updated: Tuesday 5 June 2001

Insulin Pumpers and Insulin Pumpers UK are supported financially by voluntary contributions from members of its discussion groups and from all the principal insulin pump manufacturers.

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