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Other related discussion groups

Other discussion groups run by Insulin Pumpers

Insulin Pumpers runs several other discussion groups, which you may also join. To join one, please write to help@insulin-pumpers.org. You do not have to submit a new profile of yourself.

This is the most active Insulin Pumpers group, with over 100 emails per day. Group members are mostly from North America, but it also includes people from all over the world.
Parents Of Pumpers
A group for parents with children who are pumping.
This group is for children and teenagers with diabetes. Please note that parents of children with diabetes should join the main Insulin-Pumpers group, or the Parents of Pumpers group. This group is just for children themselves.
This group is for medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pump trainers etc) who wish to consult one another and share ideas of a professional nature concerning the use of insulin pumps.
This is a Scandinavian language group (for Denmark, Norway and Sweden) covering all aspects of insulin pumping.
This is a German language group covering all aspects of insulin pumping.
This is an English language group covering all aspects of insulin pumping in Australia and New Zealand.
This special group allows discussion of faith and spiritual and religious matters in relation to diabetes. It is not appropriate to discuss these things in the other groups.

Created: February 2001; Last updated: Thursday 13 October 2005

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