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What is Insulin Pumpers?

History and official status of Insulin Pumpers, and how you may support its work

Insulin Pumpers was formed in September 1997 by Michael Robinton as a voluntary organisation providing a support forum on the internet for pump users. His daughter had recently started using a pump. It is now handled by a team of 50 volunteer writers, web developers, mail administrators, chat organizers and medical advisory board members.

Insulin Pumpers runs 3 websites (www.insulin-pumpers.org, www.insulin-pumpers.ca and www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk) with extensive information for the US, Canada and the UK, and 6 discussion groups in 3 languages, with over 5000 members from around the world. In January 1999 Insulin Pumpers established itself as a charity. It has no affinity with any one pump company. Funding for the organisation comes from voluntary contributions from members, and from companies. A list of donors is available on our donors page.

There are 3 ways you can help Insulin Pumpers:

Executive Director:
Michael Robinton
Insulin Pumpers, 558 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA
+1 408 942 7300
+1 408 942 7321

Insulin Pumpers is organized under California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and is a tax exempt publicly supported organization as described under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the US Internal Revenue Code. It's mission is to provide charitable and educational services and information to people with diabetes, their families, health care professionals and the public. Insulin Pumpers qualifies for the maximum contribution deduction allowed under both California and United States revenue codes. Insulin Pumpers federal tax ID number is 77-0496722. IRS DLN: 17053310019008 dated 4 Jan 1999.

Created: January 2001; Last updated: Monday 19 June 2006

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Insulin Pumpers and Insulin Pumpers UK are supported financially by voluntary contributions from members of its discussion groups and from all the principal insulin pump manufacturers.

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