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MiniMed Solutions: Pumps and Meters FAQ

Which models of MiniMed pumps will this software download?

Solutions: Pumps and Meters software is designed for downloading MiniMed 507c and 508 insulin pumps.

Which glucose meter can be downloaded using Pumps and Meters?

MiniMed Solutions: Pump and Meters can download glucose data from the following home glucose meters:

What kind of cables are required to download glucose meters using Pumps and Meters and the Com-Station?

The Com-Station utilizes the download cables available through the glucose meter manufacturer. It also requires the Male-to-Male serial adaptor cable provided with the Com-Station. Please note, only this adaptor will work.

What kind of computer is required to run Solutions: Pumps and Meters?

The minimum PC software and hardware requirements are:

How does the software allow the pump to download its information?

Your computer uses the MiniMed Com-Station to communicate with the pump through infrared communication ports on the back of the pump. The same Com-Station can be used to download the MiniMed CGMS using separate software.

How much information can be downloaded?

Solutions Pumps and Meters downloads and organizes the most recent 14 days of stored data and graphically displays the information from both pump and meters in a number of easy to understand reports.

Can any report display more than 14 days of data?

The Log Book report has a special function that will allow the last 90 days of pump history to be display. Simply left-mouse click over the REDISPLAY button, while holding the 'Alt + Ctrl' key of your keyboard, then release the keys and right-mouse click the REDISPLAY button.

How is the information stored?

Pump and meter data is stored as a read only file on your computer's hard drive. Data files can also be transferred to floppy disks for transport, or emailed to another computer. Solutions Pumps and Meters software must be installed to view the data on another computer.

Why do I receive a NO PUMP DETECTED message when attempting to download a pump?

The NO PUMP DETECTED message will occur if:

Do I have to create a new patient file if I have previously downloaded a patient's pump and glucose meter?

Yes. Each time you download a patient's pump and glucose meter a new file must be created. Each download is saved as a separate file, under the patient's last name, first initial and the date of the download. For example, John Doe's pump and glucose data file, downloaded on Feb. 28th 2001, would be saved under the file name Doe_J_20010228.mmd.

Do I have to download the pump and glucose meter in a particular sequence?

No. There is no particular sequence to download the pump and glucose meter. Either can be downloaded first.

Editor: John Neale <jneale@webshowcase.net>. John Neale is not a medical professional. He has Type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. The information given here was provided by MiniMed. More about John Neale...

Created: July 2002; Last updated: Friday 12 July 2002

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