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Basic info about UK insulin pumps

Pat Reynolds takes a quick look at the insulin pumps sold in the UK

This page has basic information: you are encouraged to visit the comparison table at the Insulin Pumpers US site, and companies' own pages to find the details. I have tried to identify the unique selling points of each pump. Different features will be more or less beneficial (or irritating) for different users; unfortunately, it will take you some months of pumping before you find out what kind of pumper you are!

The pumps currently on offer, in order of ease of use of website (only the top-of-the-range pump is described - non-NHS customers may find the others are cheaper):

Deltec Cozmo

If anyone has any trouble with these links, please contact John Davis from the charity INPUT. John has direct access to all four companies. He also has every pump currently available in the UK and uses each one on a regular basis. He will answer any questions off list, but will not recommend any particular pump. You must make your own decisions.

John says: "Regarding availability of pumps. You have the right to choose which ever pump you wish, despite some hospitals saying they only supply one or two pump types. I have this from the Dept of Health, so do not accept being fobbed off".

John also says: "There should be no funding issues. If your consultant says you should have a pump, the PCT has to pay for it! Contact him if you are having any difficulties".

I say: "The differences between the pumps really are quite small - don't worry about making the 'wrong' choice - all the pumps work really well! I also suggest that you check out the gossip on the levels of service provided by each company".

Further information

Author: Pat Reynolds <pat@caerlas.demon.co.uk>. Pat Reynolds is not a medical professional. She has Type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. The information given here is based on her own personal experience. More about Pat Reynolds...

Created: June 2005; Last updated: Tuesday 4 July 2006

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