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Books to help with diabetes

Recommended books relating to diabetes, also enabling you to Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Insulin pumps and diabetes

Pumping Insulin: Everything You Need to Know to Use an Insulin Pump Successfully

Front cover of Pumping Insulin

by John Walsh, Ruth Roberts

This book is well written in clear and simple language. It is designed to be used by you, the patient. It is detailed and takes you through step by step everything you need to know. Many people regard this book as the bible of pumping.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

The Insulin Pump Therapy Book: Insights from the Experts

Front cover of Insights from the experts

Edited by Linda Fredrickson, MA, RN, CDE

This book is published by MiniMed, and is aimed mainly at doctors and healthcare professionals who want detailed practical advice on how to start a patient on an insulin pump. However many pump users find this book very readable, and a source of much valuable information.

Insulin-dependent Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Adults - How to Become an Expert on Your Own Diabetes

Front cover of Insulin-dependent Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Adults

By Ragnar Hanas

A highly praised book, giving valuable advice and tips about managing your diabetes. This book shows in a practical way what you need to know to be able to take good care of your diabetes. Having diabetes means that you need to know more about the disease than the average doctor, to be able to understand and take care of your illness in an appropriate way. This book includes an excellent chapter on insulin pump therapy.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

The chapter on insulin pumps can also be read on-line at http://www.piara.com/pdf/hanas_pump.pdf.

Teens Pumping it Up: Insulin Pump Therapy Guide for Adolescents

Front cover of Teens pumping it up

By Elizabeth Boland, MSN, CDE

Teens Pumping It Up! is a guide for teenagers and their families who are interested in pump therapy. It was written by Elizabeth Boland, a nurse specializing in diabetes care. It includes a description of insulin pump therapy and many practical things about using an insulin pump. Thoughts from teenagers who wear pumps are also provided.

Available in the UK from MiniMed UK. Email sales@minimed.co.uk or tel (UK) 01293 212213. This book can also be read on-line at www.diabetesliving.com.

Diet and carbohydrate counting

Collins Gem Calorie Counter

Front cover of Collins Gem Calorie Counter

Many people's favourite for carbohydrate counting. A small robust pocket book listing over 3000 foods - both branded products and ingredients, giving Calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

For an online food search, see Food and Nutrition Information Center

General guides to diabetes care

Stop the Rollercoaster: How to Take Charge of Your Blood Sugars in Diabetes

Front cover of Stop the Rollercoaster

By John Walsh, Ruth Roberts, Lois Jovanovic-Peterson.

Information you need to match insulin doses to food and exercise, adjust for highs, lows and emergencies, as well as charting blood sugars.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

The Diabetes Travel Guide: How to Travel With Diabetes - Anywhere in the World

Front cover of The Diabetes Travel Guide

by Davida Kruger

Patrick G. Jobe writes: "I picked this up at the library (of all places!). It is a really good book with a lot of lists, information and practical advice. It is not specifically about pumping but it is very pump-aware with some specific advice about traveling with your pump. I liked the book a lot and may get a copy for future reference."

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

Parenting a Diabetic Child: A Practical, Empathetic Guide To Help You And Your Child Live With Diabetes

by Gloria Loring

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

Growing Up With Diabetes: What Children Want Their Parents to Know

Front cover of Growing Up With Diabetes

by Alicia McAuliffe

Well-meaning parents often make living with diabetes more complex than needed. Diagnosed at eleven, 20-year-old Alicia McAuliffe here uses personal experiences, and those of the kids with diabetes whom she now counsels, to examine issues that often lead to strained family relationships. She shows how the often overlooked social and emotional aspects of diabetes are equally as important to the child as treating the condition itself.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: A Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

Front cover of Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution

by Richard K Bernstein MD, Timothy J Aubert, Frank Vinicor

Richard Bernstein, a New York based diabetes specialist who has diabetes himself, holds some unconventional views about diabetes treatment. He advocates a very low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Although this runs counter to mainstream thinking, many people report that their diabetes control and sense of well being improves dramatically. Insulin Pumpers does not endorse his views, but we think this book is an interesting read with some challenging ideas.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

The New Diabetes Without Fear

by Joseph I Goodman, W Watts Biggers

In simple and straightforward language, this source-book for people just diagnosed, as well as long-term diabetics, has been completely revised and updated to include the very latest in treatments, research, information and technologies.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

Women and diabetes

The Diabetic Woman

by Lois Jovanovic-Peterson MD, June Biermann (Contributor), Barbara Toohey (Contributor)

For women, diabetes compounds the problems caused by puberty, periods, pregnancy, and menopause. This book covers each of those topics in detail. Although printed sometime ago, this best-selling classic remains the only book to address these unique problems.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

General interest

Showdown with Diabetes

Front cover of Showdown with Diabetes

by Deb Butterfield

A comprehensive understanding of the evolution of diabetes research, brings us up to date on current therapeutic options, and helps readers to grasp the many challenges that still lie ahead. For the families of people with diabetes and the medical professionals who care for them, it also offers a rare and frank insight into the life of a diabetic person beyond the day-to-day physical management of the disease. Going further than the clinical language of blood tests, diets, and insulin regimens, it shows diabetes as a force that molds a person's personality and profoundly shapes his or her life.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com


Front cover of Needles

by Andie Dominick

A memoir of growing up with diabetes. Beautifully written, revelatory, and profoundly affecting. Needles is a classic account of a young life transformed by illness.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

Diabetes Burnout

Front cover of Diabetes Burnout

by William H Polonsky

"And even the constant need for decisions might be tolerable, if only the results were predictable. Few things generate burnout like the awful frustrations of having followed instructions and done everything just right and still be failing to get the diabetes into control. At those times it seems no use to continue to try. Think how discouraging it is to fail at something you really want to do. Then consider what it must feel like to have diabetes and be failing at something you never, ever, wanted to do in the first place."

Buy from Amazon.com

Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life With Diabetes

Front cover of Sweet Invisible Diabetes

by Lisa Roney

One reader writes: "One of the most realistic autobiographies about DM that I have read. Many of the other ones make it seem like no big deal, but this one admits that it is a big part of life, and I especially liked that. It's smooth reading too. Very good. I definitely recommend it to everyone."

Also see Jeff Weintein's review of this book at Salon.com.

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com

The Discovery of Insulin

by Michael Bliss

The story of Banting and Best and their lucky discovery attained by sacrificing many test dogs is interesting as is the description of the personal conflicts between the four men associated with the discovery. Of particular interest is the portion that describes the routine treatment of diabetes - starvation. This was only back in the 1920s. A vivid reminder of how far treatment has come. There have been some large jumps in treatment and technology, including the pump since then. Progress will continue, until there is perhaps... a cure (?). A good read for the pancreaticaly challenged (your friends might find it boring :-)

Buy from Amazon.co.uk or from Amazon.com


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