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UK pump support groups

A list of insulin pump support groups and organisations in the UK

Insulin Pumpers UK is aware of the following groups that meet from time to time. For more information, please contact the person listed:

National groups



A national advocacy group helping people to access pump therapy via the NHS.

INPUT also organises and attends exhibitions and events, see the INPUT website for details.

Pump Management for Professionals (PUMP)


Aim of Pump Management for professionals (PUMP): to provide education, support and to facilitate the use of pump therapy in the UK.


See article New insulin pump forum launched in UK in Sep 2000 edition of Practical Diabetes International.

Insulin Pumpers UK

Insulin Pumpers UK

Insulin Pumpers UK is an internet based group, running this information website and an email discussion group.

Local groups

London Pump Club

The London pump club meets quarterly in London to discuss pump issues in an informal setting (a wine bar). All are welcome, whether pumping or not. See the London Pump Club page for more details.

Author: John Neale <jneale@webshowcase.net>. John Neale is not a medical professional. He has Type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. The information given here is based on his own personal experience. More about John Neale...

Created: June 2001; Last updated: Tuesday 21 November 2006

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