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BDEC Online Diabetes Learning Programme

This page gives details about the online BDEC Diabetes Learning programme, which is similar to DAFNE.


The online BDEC Diabetes Learning Programme offers background information to support the BDEC diabetes learning programme as well as acting as a stand alone resource for those unable to attend the face-to-face sessions.

Having diabetes creates many challenges and the more you understand the easier it is to interpret your blood glucose readings and adjust your insulin. The online programme discusses how insulin requirements change minute by minute, and how food, exercise, illness, and stress all affect blood glucose levels. Our aims are to:

Programme overview

On the left-hand side of every screen in the online learning programme you'll find the red navigation panel. The programme has three main areas:

Finding your way around

You can use the navigation panel to link to any area of the online programme at any time.

In each module you'll find four different types of learning activity for you to try out - each one offers you something slightly different! As part of the pilot process please try out all four types of activities.

Registration instructions

To use the online BDEC Diabetes Learning Programme you first need to register:

  1. Visit the BDEC website to find the log-in screen.
  2. Click on "Register".
  3. Complete the brief form to choose a memorable username and password for yourself.
  4. You will then be asked for an access key, to validate your registration. This is: TYPE1
  5. You will then be linked directly to the homepage of the programme and your registration process is complete!

Next time you want to access the programme simply enter your chosen username and password into the boxes provided on the log-in screen.

TIP: You can use the "My progress" button on the red navigation panel to see which modules and activities you have already viewed on previous visits.

Created: March 2007; Last updated: Thursday 1 March 2007

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