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What insulin can I put in my pump?

Melissa P Ford looks at the different types of insulin you can put in a pump

A few of us on the Insulin Pumpers UK discussion group have had experience using both soluble insulins and rapid-acting insulin analogues for pump therapy. Here is a quick run-down of implications of using soluble insulin vs using a rapid-acting insulin analogue in pump therapy:

Soluble insulin: Actrapid; regular human insulin

Rapid-acting insulin analogues: Humalog (lispro), NovoRapid/Novolog (aspart); Apidra (glulisine)

My personal experience of using buffered human regular (Actrapid-style) insulin in a pump for the first two years that I had a pump (1996-1998) was OK. I was much better off than I had been with injections! But if I'd been in the dark with injections, I got a torch when I got a pump and used buffered human regular insulin in it. Then the overhead lights came on when I began pumping with Humalog :) .

[Footnote: Every minute that we spend with a glucose level >5 mmol/L (90 mg/dL) is a minute of blood glucose levels that may harm our kidneys, eyes, heart, and nerves. Sad but true: we do the best we can to avoid complications but we are all at risk.]

Author: Melissa P Ford <mford@hotmail.com>. Melissa P Ford is not a medical professional. She has Type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. The information given here is based on her own personal experience. More about Melissa P Ford...

Created: June 2005; Last updated: Wednesday 8 June 2005

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