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Pump log

An Excel master file to assist with keeping an electronic pump log

From this page, you can download an Excel master file to assist with keeping an electronic pump log. It was developed by the husband of Jackie Jacombs, Terry, from an original idea by Neil Smith.

The Excel template is available to download below. The template should be stored in your normal Excel templates folder. A new file can then be started each week by starting it from the template.

The worksheet contains macros which do various copying functions used, so you need macros enabled for this worksheet to fully use it. You can do everything manually if you want to. The macros are simple and pose no security risk at all.

When opening the template it should show the first instruction page which covers all the above. You should read this page before using the worksheet.

Download the Excel template

Created: Decemeber 2009; Last updated: 11 December 2009

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