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Where to wear your pump

Where do you wear your pump in normal or unusual situations? We asked around and got some strange answers!

The following are tips and tricks we have learned ourselves, tried upon the advice of others, or have read about and thought they were a good idea. Many thanks to the Insulin Pumpers for all their help! Individuals are, well, INDIVIDUAL! What works for Erica might not work for you or your child. The key is to keep learning and determine what is the best for you or your pumper. Any changes you might be thinking of making should be discussed with your medical team first. They are key to your pumping success.

It is important to note that this document is for your information only. These ideas were compiled with input from many pumpers from many walks of life. These pumpers use different pumps, infusion sets, infusion sites, lengths of tubing. Some use remotes, some use audio bolusing. What is clear from this list, is that they are very innovative and happy to be pumping! PUMP ON!!!

Your suggestions

Based on an article on the Insulin Pumpers Canada website, written by Barb Chafe. UK version editted by John Neale. Neither Barb Chafe nor John Neale are medical professionals. Barb Chafe's daughter uses an insulin pump, as does John Neale himself. The information given here is based on their own personal experiences. More about John Neale...

Created: July 2006/2; Last updated: Tuesday 18 July 2006

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